Ysé – 25/10/2013 @ Sentier des Halles, Paris

And I’m back with a new review!

First of all, let’s talk about the venue: Le Sentier des Halles – very small, but that’s what makes the beauty of it! (the smaller, the better!); and imagine a cellar… minus the wine (except one glass on stage…), with benches for an acoustic set.
Are you all set?…

Ok, let’s discover the artist now…
Ysé is a French singer, coming straight from the sunny southern city, Marseilles, who came “up” to Paris to fulfill a dream…
Her music is tinged with blues, influenced by artists such as Arno and Alain Bashung.

I’ve discovered Ysé by chance, down in office halls… 😉
I decided to go to her concert, but thought that it would be great to listen to her music first.
I went online, listened to the music, watched the videos; and I have to say, I was struck by this particular and powerful voice, almost apart from the music.

Therefore I went to the concert, not really knowing what to expect, but just willing to have a good time and taking some nice pictures.I can now say that I definitely had a good time, took some nice pictures; but also, at times, I found myself my camera in the hand, just unable to take pictures, being blown away by Ysé’s powerful lyrics.
Let’s put it simply, in my opinon, a great song is made of amazing music and powerful words, but it can be just stunning music, or just wonderful lyrics. And even here, it’s very personal, depending on people’s tastes.
This particular time with this particular singer, I myself was moved by the power of the words from Ysé’s songs.

As for the artist – the singer – she is on stage like an actor; and at the same time, you can see she is not acting her feelings.
Ysé is absolutely possessed by her songs, and she is carrying us away with her.
And that’s make you forget those bits of nervousness here and there experienced.

I just wish her a lot more stage opportunities , with this same simplicity and authenticity!

If you want to know more:

“All I can be is me-whoever that is” – Bob Dylan

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