Travis – 30/10/2013 @ Le Trianon, Paris

Well, well, well…
It took me quite a time to write this post, about a concert which took place almost 2 weeks ago!!
Hope it’s still fresh in my memory!

So, Wednesday, October 30th 2013 was the date of the concert of Travis in Le Trianon, in Paris.
I really like this place…
This theater was built in 1894, as the new café with live music “Trianon-concert”, one of the most ancient of Paris and one of the high places to live the pleasures of Montmartre in the 19th century. It welcomed from 1895 famous artists such as Mistinguett.
Le Trianon is divided into various spaces : the ballroom, the winter garden, the theater with its balconies and its halls, a big entrance… It has been restored a few years ago, with the aim of preserving the heritage.
It’s a very beautiful venue, and I’m always happy when a band is playing there.
This time I chose to sit on the 1st balcony (the 2nd one was actually closed), and on the side.


This (and I am not writing the name of the band again!) was the support band.
As I said in one of my previous posts, the support band is a lottery…
Well, let’s say it enabled me to go for drinks, a little snack, restroom (everybody knows it’s hell to go there during the intermission…above all, when you’re a woman!…), and also to make some test pictures.
It was not that bad, don’t get me wrong! – I saw worst than that!
It’s a band from London, composed of 3 members, with whom you’re going back to the 50’s! Very rockabilly in their music, but kind of uncomfortable on stage. The set was short and all the songs were quite similar.
As I said, it was not bad, but it didn’t really make a deep impression…

Anyway, here are a few pictures:

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And then it was time for the band, after 5 years of absence…
I love this band, they are not part of the movement which consists in having a lot of effects on stage, they remain very simple, but sometimes it’s just what you’re looking for!
I feel they’ve always been the same – and the truth is you can find some similarities in their acting on stage from one tour to another, but with them it’s not something that bothers me.
I often have their music on my MP3 player, and it’s amazing how it just makes me smile (which is something that really helps me through my “journey” to work!!). And the same smile is just coming back when they come on stage; and the good thing is that they have that smile too!!
Physically speaking, there’s a bit of a change since I last saw them (in 2007), particularly about the hair; other than that, same posture, same joie de vivre, same beer! 🙂
But what strikes me most is the guitar player, Andy Dunlop, who looks just like a teenager, in the way he is dressed, the way he is acting on stage, and in the crowd with a headlamp! It’s so funny to watch him! And real nice to watch him play!
And I have to confess, I have a preference for the bass player, Dougie Payne, he just has this kind of aura on stage, which I like taking picture of!
As for the singer, Fran Healy, he was more chatty back in 2007, and seemed a bit shy that night; but it didn’t prevent him to do a thank-you speech, explaining how it was important for them to see people buying tickets for their concerts, as this is their way to express themselves.

The setlist was effective, a mix of new songs and hits from their previous albums – I just wished they could have played Battleships
With of course an unplugged version of Flowers in the window, one of those instances when time stood still…

No need to say I kept that smile for a long time after this show full of emotions… that some people described as “a mix of sweet madness and poetry” 🙂

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And I also wanted to share some pictures I took the last time I saw them in June 2007 in Tripod, Dublin:

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“We’re battleships drifting in an alley river
Taking hits, sinking, it’s now or never
Overboard, drowning in a sea of love and hate
It’s too late, battleship down”

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