Queens of the Stone Age – 14/11/2013 @ Zénith de Paris

This is the story of a last minute decision!
Indeed, I was not supposed to attend this concert, but as a friend of mine was going and because I am in serious need of concerts right now, well I just bought my ticket the day before!

I am not a big fan of QOTSA, I know and like their music, and sometimes it’s more than enough to go and see a band live!
They were playing 2 nights in Paris, the first night being sold out quickly. I don’t know if the second night (the one I went) was sold out, but the place was pretty packed!

QOTSA were playing in Zénith de Paris, the kind of place which, for me, starts to be a little too big.
I decided to stay in the seating area, not feeling strong enough to handle the pit! 🙂
The only tiny problem was that I was a little far away to take pictures (but I took some  anyway!)


Sweethead was the support band.
“Sweethead is an American alternative rock group formed in 2008. The group’s lineup consists of singer Serrina Sims, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen (of Queens of the Stone Age, formerly of A Perfect Circle, Enemy and Failure), bassist Eddie Nappi (formerly of Handsome, Enemy and Mark Lanegan Band) and drummer Norm Block (formerly of Plexi and Mark Lanegan Band).” (thanks Wikipedia!)
I didn’t know this band, and let’s say that they got us straight into the swing of things!! Punchy rock led by a luscious blonde – but I was not too sure her choice of full glitter suit was a good idea…
The music was not so bad, but the sound was not that great. I couldn’t really tell what she was singing about…
Anyway, I think it was a good choice for the opening act, just before a band like QOTSA.

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QOTSA made a victorious entrance at the end of a 60-seconds countdown on a huge screen at the back of the stage, warning the audience they were going to rock this place!
A set of 2 hours without any break (except when Josh Homme, the singer, had a little talk with the audience), always high in intensity; no disappointment, you get what you’ve coming for.
All the songs were going with different visuals on the big screen – going from huge initials of the band to skulls, or the sleeve of the last album – and lights that could make any blind people recover eyesight!!
The show was powerful with every songs carrying the audience away; but it was maybe a little too calculated and controlled, leaving no space for improvisation.

Josh Homme felt fine and seemed happy to be here; he did not hesitate to speak to his audience, presenting his band and confessing it was always a pleasure to play in Paris as they could always be themselves – not sure what that meant…maybe he is just saying this everywhere, or maybe there’s not a lot of places where he is allowed to smoke on stage, or was it for the cameras covering the whole show?…
Anyhoo!… 🙂

I cannot really talk about the setlist, as I am not in the know of all the albums, but I’ve read that the last album “…Like Clockword” was almost played in its entirety. Also, some research on internet shows that the 2 setlists from the 2 nights in Paris were nearly identical.

It was a great night and I do not regret my last minute choice!

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“Laws of man, are just pretend
They ain’t mine
Love so good, love so bad
It won’t die
Some talk too long, they know it all
I just smile & move on
Words ain’t free, like you & me
I don’t mind…”

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