-M- Matthieu Chedid – 18/11/2013 @ Bus Palladium, Paris

On the occasion of the release of his live dvd, Matthieu Chedid alias -M-, on tour, proposed a private concert for a few lucky ones, organised by SFR Live; and I was part of them!


The concert took place in the Bus Palladium, a legendary club in Paris since the 1960’s, close to Pigalle.
An intimate place which gets the audience closer to the artist than other usual venues.
A good thing because -M- has a lot to share, giving everything with a lot of energy – energy that he seems to draw from his very own audience.

“Je dis aime
Et je le sème
Sur ma planète
Je dis aime
Comme un emblème
La haine je la jette
Je dis aime”


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