Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – 24/02/2014 @ Trianon, Paris

This concert was long-awaited, and there was no disappointment!
I have already talked about the venue in a previous post, so I will not come back to it; and I have been to this place a lot recently.
It was my 4th concert of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, having seen them 3 times in France (and one time was in the exact same place) and 1 time in Ireland.

BRMC was formed in 1998 in San Francisco, but I’ve only discovered them in 2006, and have been following them since then.
The band was named after Marlon Brando’s motorcycle gang in the film The Wild One (1953), and formed mainly by Robert Levon Been and Peter Hayes. The band has had different drummers since the beginning, the latest one being Leah Shapiro.
Their music is what I can describe as rough, pure rock ‘n’ roll. I have been captivated by thieir music since the beginning, whether it be pure rock sound or ballads.

The last 3 shows I have been were mostly made of songs that really rock, with a few soft songs.
This one was a little bit different, making the ballads the main line of the show, without forgetting of course smashing hits such as Whatever happened to my rock ‘n’ roll, Ain’t no Easy Way, or Beat the Devil’s Tattoo.
That night was, as they said, “special”. It was their last gig in France from a 1-year world tour, almost having come full circle, as they played in the exact same place almost a year ago.
Even if I was expecting a more poweful set, I didn’t deny myself the pleasure of listening to their more intimate songs.
It was very intense, and I found the audience very respectful, above all when they came back on stage for the encore, playing with acoustic guitars when only their voices were to be heard…
Heavy or soft, everybody was in awe…

I did not take my camera this time, because I really wanted to enjoy 100%, but here below are a few shots from the last 3 gigs:

Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing, December 2007

The Academy, Dublin, December 2010

Trianon, Paris, March 2013

“All lines have broken
And we need you to hold on
Your eyes have opened
But you’ve got to go on
I’ll comfort you, I’ll stay with you
It’s a promise not forgotten”

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