Because it is that time of the year…

Every year, in February/March, the 6 best Europeans nations in rugby meet in the Rugby’s Greatest Championship: 6 Nations.
And every year, at that same time of the year, you will find me either in front of the TV or in the pub.
Unfortunately, even if I attended several rugby matches, I have never been to a stadium to watch a 6 Nations game. The tickets are actually really hard to get if you are not member of a rugby club.
I was already following rugby, but when I settled in Dublin, I discovered a much greater atmosphere for rugby. Contrary to France, Ireland is not a very big nation for football (well, is France really?…), therefore rugby takes a great place in Irish sport (along, or even after Gaelic football and hurling).
Going to a pub and watching games in Ireland is just amazing, and I was lucky to see France winning the championship in 2007 and 2010, but above all, the fantastic Grand Slam win for Ireland in 2009, after a long wait of 24 years!
Now back in France, I am still supporting France, but I still have a piece of my heart cheering for Ireland!…

In August 2011, I went to Aviva Stadium in Dublin (previsouly Lansdowne Road), to watch a friendly game between Ireland and France.

And here a few pics from before, during and after the match:

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