The Strypes – 30/04/2014 @ La Gaité Lyrique, Paris

I really have discovered The Strypes on a French TV show, but above all when they were playing as the support band for Arctic Monkeys a few months ago.
These Irish lads are very dynamic on stage, and they remind me of the same Arctic Monkeys at their beginning. They know how to play good rock’n’roll despite their really young age (an average of 16 y.o.).
So I did not hesitate to buy tickets when I heard they were coming to Paris.

They played in La Gaité Lyrique, a venue I have recently discovered at the occasion of a live report for the French webzine Les Insouciants.
It’s a really nice place for concert, quite small, with a nice bar!
When we arrived, we really thought that we were going to feel really old… The people present mostly consisted of teenagers (and mostly young girls…). But, “older” people, of course, they always arrive later! So, there were indeed some “adults”, and not only to accompany their kids, but also to discover what this Irish band had to propose; and I think that nobody was disappointed…

The Strypes arrived on stage after the fist set of Dick Voodoo, which we actually did not attend, and you instantly feel we are back in the 60’s, both through the sound but also with their appearance, dressed up for the occasion.
Ah! They know how to please!! With a singer behind dark glasses (apparently he first started wearing them because he was shy and afraid of the audience), a guitar player constantly chewing his gum with an open mouth, and a bass player asking for more noise from the crowd; the audience is enchanted!
They got the best practice, starting in pubs back in Ireland, playing for hours, in front of people, who kept asking, it is said, for “Whiskey in the jar“, and that’s when they made up their strategy: playing very loud! And they ARE playing loud!
No doubt they spent a lot of times listeming to classic rhythm & blues, as their music is tinged with this sound. Their set consisted of their whole album Snapshot, along with some covers.
That was a great show and we all had a craic!!!

Unfortunately, I was not able to get in with my camera… So, no pictures, but here is a video found online:

The girls get so excited,
The boys can’t get enough,
Mr. Business has invited you to show the world your stuff,
It’s the express train, one way, moving so fast,
You better make it quick ’cause the attention don’t last

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