Sitting in his nowhere land – Family time

Daddy needs a nap – Jardin d’Acclimatation, Paris, France, April 2014



Flavia Coelho – 03/05/2014 @ Jardin d’Acclimatation, Paris

There’s a bit of Brasil here in Paris!!
It is a long love relationship between France and Brazil (and forget about 98!…); everywhere you go, you can find some bits of Brazil here and there, and now that there is the Football World Cup coming soon – which will take place in Brazil – it is everywhere!! And I am not complaining! Having a special relationship with this country, I am always happy to see or discover some stuff right from Paris (it sometimes almost makes you feel you’re there…).

From April 12th to May 11th 2014, Brazil gets settled in Jardin d’Acclimatation. This huge garden located on the West of Paris hosts an amusement park, a zoo, a museum and other attractions. And during 1 month, this place is transformed into the colours of Brazil. The event is thus called Sensacional Brasil.
What can you find there? Concerts, exhibitions, artisans, food, introduction to futebol, beach-volleys, capoiera, percussions…
I have been there twice already, and even if the food is a bit disappointing (I am not going to describe the barbecue…), you realise that Brazil is full of great artists. First day was for the concert of Ed Motta, soul and jazz musician.
The next “trip” was for Flavia Coelho, this great Brazilian singer living in Paris since 2006. I have discovered her through big ads in the metro, and as I was curious, I started listening to her music and enjoyed it straight away! She released her first album Bossa Muffin in 2011, and her next album Mundo Meu is about to come out next month.

So here I went for my first concert of Flavia Coelho, and I hope not the last (well, I saw her at the occasion of a showcase in Fnac to present remixes of her first album, but that doesn’t really count).

DSCF0868The first thing to say is that she is a real dynamo on stage, and she passes on her good mood to everybody in front of the stage! She is bringing the musicality and dance from Brazil to Paris, her set is full of life and is contagious in happiness!! Even the sun, which was playing hide and seek with the clouds, came out for the performer! Everybody was dancing, and real fans singing along.

DSCF0990She announced that she will be playing at the Olympia on October 17th 2014, and she will probably see me there!!…

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Consigo conquistar com
Braço forte
Jogo com a minha sorte