WAITING FOR THE SUN by Barney Hoskyns

This book has been for a long time in my reading list, and I just recently put an hand on it and finally read it.

I am starting to be familiar with the author, Barney Hoskyns, as he is the author of Hotel California, which I have already presented a few posts before. Continue reading “WAITING FOR THE SUN by Barney Hoskyns”


Sebastião Salgado

I discovered Sebastião Salgado in an article of a magazine while on a plane to Brazil last May.
He is a Brazilian photographer, living in Paris for a while now, and who has travelled in a lot of different countries for his projects.
The funny thing is since then, I’ve heard about him a lot, and there is currently an exhibition in Paris about his last project called Genesis. Continue reading “Sebastião Salgado”

Hotel California

Here it starts!In this section “Reading”, I would like to share with you books I’ve read and enjoyed, but also books I’ve read which maybe I shouldn’t have…
And if it’s make you read it, and even enjoy it, well I’ll be happy!
If you’ve read it too and wish to comment – like “yeah, that’s so true!!!”, or “that’s bulls**t”, do not hesitate as well!!

So, for my first post in this section, I have decided to talk to you about a book I recently finished, and for which I was able to complete the reading with a magazine I found by chance.

Hotel California Continue reading “Hotel California”