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Même pas peur (Not Even Afraid): 130 live pics for 130 victims


Dear all, all over the world!

Just a quick post to present a photo project I am participating in along with Sébastien Bance and Ludovic Schneider:
“Même pas peur (Not Even Afraid): 130 live pics for 130 victims”, a moving photo exhibition as a tribute to the victims of the attacks of November 13th 2015, which will start in the city of Elbeuf on the occasion of the World Music Day.

You will find more information below:
(an English version is available)
And if you have any question, feel free to contact me 🙂

All support is welcome!
So, share it, talk about it, and, if you feel like it, contribute!



Flavia Coelho – 03/05/2014 @ Jardin d’Acclimatation, Paris

There’s a bit of Brasil here in Paris!!
It is a long love relationship between France and Brazil (and forget about 98!…); everywhere you go, you can find some bits of Brazil here and there, and now that there is the Football World Cup coming soon – which will take place in Brazil – it is everywhere!! And I am not complaining! Having a special relationship with this country, I am always happy to see or discover some stuff right from Paris (it sometimes almost makes you feel you’re there…).

From April 12th to May 11th 2014, Brazil gets settled in Jardin d’Acclimatation. This huge garden located on the West of Paris hosts an amusement park, a zoo, a museum and other attractions. And during 1 month, this place is transformed into the colours of Brazil. The event is thus called Sensacional Brasil.
What can you find there? Concerts, exhibitions, artisans, food, introduction to futebol, beach-volleys, capoiera, percussions…
I have been there twice already, and even if the food is a bit disappointing (I am not going to describe the barbecue…), you realise that Brazil is full of great artists. First day was for the concert of Ed Motta, soul and jazz musician.
The next “trip” was for Flavia Coelho, this great Brazilian singer living in Paris since 2006. I have discovered her through big ads in the metro, and as I was curious, I started listening to her music and enjoyed it straight away! She released her first album Bossa Muffin in 2011, and her next album Mundo Meu is about to come out next month.

So here I went for my first concert of Flavia Coelho, and I hope not the last (well, I saw her at the occasion of a showcase in Fnac to present remixes of her first album, but that doesn’t really count).

DSCF0868The first thing to say is that she is a real dynamo on stage, and she passes on her good mood to everybody in front of the stage! She is bringing the musicality and dance from Brazil to Paris, her set is full of life and is contagious in happiness!! Even the sun, which was playing hide and seek with the clouds, came out for the performer! Everybody was dancing, and real fans singing along.

DSCF0990She announced that she will be playing at the Olympia on October 17th 2014, and she will probably see me there!!…

Consigo conquistar com
Braço forte
Jogo com a minha sorte
Consigo conquistar com
Braço forte
Jogo com a minha sorte

The Strypes – 30/04/2014 @ La Gaité Lyrique, Paris

I really have discovered The Strypes on a French TV show, but above all when they were playing as the support band for Arctic Monkeys a few months ago.
These Irish lads are very dynamic on stage, and they remind me of the same Arctic Monkeys at their beginning. They know how to play good rock’n’roll despite their really young age (an average of 16 y.o.).
So I did not hesitate to buy tickets when I heard they were coming to Paris. Continue reading “The Strypes – 30/04/2014 @ La Gaité Lyrique, Paris”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – 24/02/2014 @ Trianon, Paris

This concert was long-awaited, and there was no disappointment!
I have already talked about the venue in a previous post, so I will not come back to it; and I have been to this place a lot recently.
It was my 4th concert of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, having seen them 3 times in France (and one time was in the exact same place) and 1 time in Ireland. Continue reading “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – 24/02/2014 @ Trianon, Paris”

Foy Vance + Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – 28/01/2014 @ Olympia, Paris

First concert of the year 2014, and a great evening with Foy Vance – good discovery – and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – first time I was seeing them live.
The place: the legendary Olympia in Paris, where Edith Piaf and The Beatles, among others, once captivated their audience. Continue reading “Foy Vance + Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – 28/01/2014 @ Olympia, Paris”

-M- Matthieu Chedid – 18/11/2013 @ Bus Palladium, Paris

On the occasion of the release of his live dvd, Matthieu Chedid alias -M-, on tour, proposed a private concert for a few lucky ones, organised by SFR Live; and I was part of them!


The concert took place in the Bus Palladium, a legendary club in Paris since the 1960’s, close to Pigalle. Continue reading “-M- Matthieu Chedid – 18/11/2013 @ Bus Palladium, Paris”

Queens of the Stone Age – 14/11/2013 @ Zénith de Paris

This is the story of a last minute decision!
Indeed, I was not supposed to attend this concert, but as a friend of mine was going and because I am in serious need of concerts right now, well I just bought my ticket the day before!

I am not a big fan of QOTSA, I know and like their music, and sometimes it’s more than enough to go and see a band live!
They were playing 2 nights in Paris, the first night being sold out quickly. I don’t know if the second night (the one I went) was sold out, but the place was pretty packed! Continue reading “Queens of the Stone Age – 14/11/2013 @ Zénith de Paris”

Ysé – 25/10/2013 @ Sentier des Halles, Paris

And I’m back with a new review!

First of all, let’s talk about the venue: Le Sentier des Halles – very small, but that’s what makes the beauty of it! (the smaller, the better!); and imagine a cellar… minus the wine (except one glass on stage…), with benches for an acoustic set.
Are you all set?…

Ok, let’s discover the artist now…
Ysé is a French singer, coming straight from the sunny southern city, Marseilles, who came “up” to Paris to fulfill a dream…
Her music is tinged with blues, influenced by artists such as Arno and Alain Bashung. Continue reading “Ysé – 25/10/2013 @ Sentier des Halles, Paris”